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Designed for whatever it is you’re into the most, get more into it with the Specialized Globe Haul ST. With more power, more cargo, and more options, this versatile electric bike can haul 419 pounds and up to 60 miles at a time. Plus, with numerous front and rear rack accessory mounts and integrated hi-vis LED lighting, you can arrange your ride for any errand at any time—day or night.

Specialized Globe Haul ST

Say Hello to the Globe Haul ST

The high power, 700w rear hub motor delivers enough power to get you and all your gear up steep hills and across town at top speed. The 772wh battery provides enough juice to tackle the biggest missions with up to 60 miles of range.

Specialized Globe Haul ST – Rear
Black Specialized Globe Haul ST

Telescopic seatpost

Unique, single - size frame fits riders from around 4’5” up to 6’4”. The telescoping seatpost has over 13 inches of adjustability, and the quill stem can extend almost 6 inches to provide comfort to nearly every rider ever measured in our Retul database.

The Wheels

20” diameter wheels help keep weight low to the ground for improved stability. The extra wide 3.5” Carless Whisper tires provide comfort and traction on any terrain and feature a 3-ply casing for superior flat protection.

White Specialized Globe Haul ST
Specialized Globe Haul ST rear rack

MIK-compatible rear rack

Haul ST comes out of the box ready for any task with an included MIK-compatible rear rack, full-coverage fenders, integrated lights, and a center stand. The additional accessory mounting points and a full suite of Globe equipment means you can customize your ride to your specific needs.